About Us

Hello and Thanks for visiting Uncharted Roots! We are Tiff and Shay, the ladies behind the brand. We never thought we’d be here, but we are so grateful that we are. What started as two overwhelmed mom friends, looking for something of their own, has turned into a passion project giving the two of us purpose outside of our everyday lives. Our individual journeys have taken diverse routes, yet thankfully, our lives have found us on parallel paths. Tiffany, a former school teacher, turned stay at home mom to two boys, both diagnosed with Autism. Shay (real name Shadhaa but good luck getting anyone to ever say that ), a mostly stay at home mom to four kids and part time REALTOR®. Both of us just getting through each day as best we knew how.

The extent of our relationship revolved around quick “hellos” in passing as we dropped the kids off at school and moved on to the next task for the day. Then one day…COFFEE. The drink that makes the world go round! And there you have it. Two “friends in passing” became two extraordinary friends that realized their lives weren’t as different as they had thought. We found solace and strength in our shared experiences and realized we weren’t alone. We shared a sense of uncertainty, feeling adrift without a clear direction or identity beyond being mothers and wives. Each day was a journey, navigating the unknown, trying to understand what the future held.…..we felt UNCHARTED. Yet, in our worst of times we both found ourselves falling back on faith. Remembering who we were and where we came from. Our ROOTS, our faith, our morning cup(s) of coffee as we bantered back and fourth, leaning on one another helped us survive. This quickly became more than just a business. It became a way of reaching out to so many others with similar stories. As women, as mothers, as human beings, we all have our moments. We may not realize it, but we are all walking this journey together. So find your person. Find grace for each other. Find your hope. And when all else fails and you feel lost, just remember that we may not know where we’re going, but we know where we came from.

Tiff and Shay